Rectangular, Floral Persian Tablecloth

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Rectangular, Floral Persian Tablecloth

The production of Ghalamkar art textiles has a long history, This type of tablecloth is made of durable calico cotton and is hand block. The dyes used in Persian textiles are still mainly natural vegetable dyes, which is superior to chemical or chrome dyes. It can be used as a tablecloth or wall hanging or any interior design. The Persian tablecloth has been entirely handed printed with hand-carved wood blocks using natural dyes only. This is why you get this sumptuous organic looking colors.

The soft organic colors are obtained from natural pigments such as henna, pistachios and indigo flowers, pomegranate. These are applied one after the other, then the colors stabilized with boiling water. later it's been transported to the river Zayandehrud to be washed and tinted with pomegranate bark, Then they are put out to dry under the sun.

This is a perfect Ghalamkari tablecloth for your Home. You can also use it as a Tapestry, and wall hanging decoration. The perfect gift for special occasions or for your loved ones. Perfect for Mother's Day. Just Pretty up to your home with this gorgeous tablecloth.

Size: 55 Cm x 59 Cm

Weight: 90g