Protective Shields Clear Plastic Sneeze Guards

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Protective Shields, Clear Plastic Sneeze Guards

Écrans de protection, Un écran protège-éternuements en plastique transparent

Protective shields, or sneeze guards, keep essential workers safe from germs and bacteria.

  • Made from clear 3/16" PETG (or Acrylic depending on availability)
  • Optional 10”x5” stabilizing feet and 6”x8” opening
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Easy to clean and sanitize

Sneeze, Guard Shield,

Our protective shields are made from clear, durable plastic that is easy to clean and sanitize. They have been cut to size for you.

Shields come with feet and 6" x 8" opening. If you don't want to have feet or opening please mention in your order. 

Perfect for 

• Grocery, retail, and convenience stores

• Takeout and fast-food restaurants

• Clinics and hospitals

• Post offices and service centers

For order more than 1 please contact us for a special price. 

Turnaround: 10 Business days 


Assembly Instructions:

    • Step 1: Remove the blue film from all pieces.
    • Step 2: Place the shield on a flat surface and push the 2 feet into the slots.
    • Step 3: Hold the shield upright and push down until the feet and the bottom of the shield align.

Note: It will be a tight fit to ensure stability. Removing the feet may leave some marks, but those will be hidden again if the feet are reattached.